Jack + Lina are Married!

Ok so I know it has been a WHILE since I updated this blog. I have a pretty good excuse because I’ve been working full-time and also completing a master’s degree…. HOWEVER, I have been wanting to get this wedding up on the blog since we shot it last July because Jack and Lina are just SO DARN CUTE and their wedding at the Felt Mansion in Saugatuck was so colorful and fun, just like them! Enjoy!

Laura + Ethan are Married!

Laura and Ethan's wedding was a very special one because Laura is my oldest cousin on my mom's side. Everything about this wedding was beautiful--from Laura's entrance on her horse Caly to the fresh-picked flowers to the farm, to the way Ethan looked at her all day :) Erik and I were honored to shoot their wedding and glad for the excuse to dance with the whole family in Pennsylvania!  

Nicole + Dylan are Married!

Nicole and Dylan went to the same college and even had a lot of mutual friends, but they never met until they graduated and moved into the same apartment complex. Talk about a match made in heaven! These two are so in love and it was such a privilege to shoot their special day :)